​Four Ponds Fishery

A mature fishery in the beautiful Devon countryside, with fish of outstanding quality, coloration & size.

Three fishing lakes


The Carp Specimen Lake at 3 acres was constructed in the summer of 2005.

It has many hidden features including bars, plateau's, shelves & holes. With depths from 5ft to 9ft, also very wide banks for bivvy fishing. It is stocked with 60 beautiful Carp, from 15lb to 34lb with approx. 40 fish over 20lb.

The Kingfisher Coarse Lake at 1.25 acres was constructed in 1970 and has depths from 4ft to 8ft and is heavily stocked with Carp & Ghosties to 19lb. There are also number of large Perch.

Tench Lake is stocked with Tench, Roach & Crucians to 3lb. Also Bream to 5lb, Rudd & Golden Rudd.

Four Ponds is a real haven to escape from the stresses of modern life and enjoy the peace & tranquillity of this magical place, so book up with us today for a real fishing experience.

A valid Environment Agency rod licence is required to fish.


Specimen Lake Notice

Carp Bio Security system in place

Please note JRC nets, slings & mats are supplied in each swim, only these are to be used. This system is in place to control disease transfer from other waters. Klin-ik or Medi Carp to be used on all hook holds.


Thank you for your co-operation in protecting our Carp.

Four Ponds Fishery

Bowdens Lane,




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Prices for Kingfisher or the Tench Lake 2020


24 Hours

Day (6am - dusk)​

Evening (2.30pm - dusk)

​Night (6pm - 9am)

Children under 16

​Adults - Two Rods max

​             £18.00​

​             £10.00

​​             £6.00








not permitted

Prices for Specimen Lake 2020

The times below are flexible and can be arranged at the time of booking. Please ring 07483 110811.

6 Swims on the Speci Lake 3 rods maximum per swim.

Day - 6am to 7pm

Night - 7pm to 9am

24 Hours - noon to noon

48 Hours - noon to noon

72 Hours - noon to noon

​96 Hours - noon to noon

   1 Week - noon to noon








Whole lake bookings for Specimen Lake.

         48 Hours                          £250.00


1. Money collected on the bankside (booking only on 07483 110811).
2. Fish to be returned to the water immediately after weighing and photographing with the greatest care being taken for their well being. Sacking strictly prohibited
3. Klin-ik or Medi Carp to be used on all hook holds.

​4. Only micro barbed  hooks permitted (rigs maybe inspected).
5. No whole nut baits to be used.
6. No rods to be left unattended.
7. All litter to be deposited in the bins provided or removed from the premises.
8. Special rules may apply at certain times - see notice board.
9. No bankside parking.
10. Noise to an absolute minimum. (includes bite alarms !!!!)
11. Do not discard line or hooks on bank (bins are provided)

12. No leaders or leadcore to be used.

13. No children under 12 years old permitted to night fish.

Any visitor not abiding by the rules, will be asked to leave & all fees forfeited.

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