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South West Carp Sales


South West Carp Sales has been born from the successful development of our fishery (Four Ponds) over the last 8 years. Then the 12 acre site was very over grown with only one, one acre pond stocked with English Carp. These Leney Carp were originally stocked in 1973 & are still thriving today.

Today the site has 10 waters in total, 3 fishing lakes & 7 stock ponds (the stock ponds have now been taken over by South West Carp Sales. The largest of the stock ponds is used for our hand picked brood stock, these include a mix of common carp & the following: Mirror Carp, Linear, Double Linear, Fully Scaled & Very Partially Scaled Carp.

Through the expansion & management of our waters our healthy English Carp spawn very freely in there natural environment. Producing approximately 50,000 English Carp fry annually, which are proving very popular. We do not deal in any other fish, we concentrate solely on the breeding & development of our own carp stock.

Click the link below to visit the site.

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